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Biblijski Institut Kršćanske Baptističke Crkve u BiH






Zahvaljujemo što ste posjetili našu Web stranicu! 

Zahvalni smo za vaš interes u vezi Biblijskog Instituta i želimo vas ohrabriti da nam se pridružite u onom što Bog ovdje radi. 




Thank you for visiting our website!

We are thankful for your interest in the Bible Institute, and would encourage you to become involved with what God is doing here. 


There are several ways to be involved:


1.       If you are interested in enrolling as a student, please go to the ‘For Student’ section for information.  Do not hesitate to email us at the address below for more information.


2.       If you are a pastor or theological professor, please consider the possibility of visiting to teach a class.  Please see the ‘For Professors’ information for requirements, etc.


3.       If you have access to theological books in Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian that you would be interested in donating to our library, we would be very grateful.


4.       Please consider prayerfully being involved financially.  We are praying for KM300 per month to cover the room and board of each of our students.  We also need KM700 per month per student to cover the remaining costs of the Institute:


Photocopying, internet, email, telephone, brochures, public relations, salary/visa/apartment for Academic Dean, books for the library, conferences, student travel, verbal and written translation of lectures and scripts, secretarial help, potential workers for the library.   


Feel free to contact us at the information below if you are interested in donating. 


Thank you again for your interest.  Please continue to pray for the Bible Institute, that God will be glorified in the training of His people for ministry here.  


Kršćanske Baptističke Crkve u Bosni i Hercegovini

of the Christian Baptist Church in Bosnia Hercegovina

Ljubljanska 26, 71 000 Sarajevo
Telefon: 00 387 33 205 413
ili 00 387 33 215 972



Bankovni račun za donacije / Bank details for donations:

UniCredit Bank, Sarajevo
Poslovnica 1, Sarajevo
Marsala Tita 48,
71000 Sarajevo

Broj racuna 80000336101 ,
IBAN BA39 3386 9048 1516 0819
(Kršćanska Baptistička Crkva u BiH)
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